Representative List of Clients

We offer over 37 years experience in quality assurance, reliability and components engineering, including the preparation of MTBF Predictions. Our experience spans both commercial and military fields in a diversity of areas such as Telephony and Telephony, Avionics, Power Conversion, Industrial Controls, Space Flight, Instrumentation, Security, Radar, Voice and Data Communications (including Microwave, RF, and Cellular).

Our experience is quite varied as represented by the following list of some current and past world wide clients. 


Telecom & Data Communications
Power Conversion
Instrumentation, Control & Avionics


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Telecom & Data Communications

PT Inovação (Portugal Telecom)   Telecommunications and information technology
E-Band Communications   Wireless Backhaul
NetComm Wireless Limited (Australia)   HSPA+ and LTE Routers

Occam Networks 

  Broadband Loop Carrier


  Infrastructure management solutions

Accelerated Networks 

  Telecom, Carrier-Class Packetized Voice Gateway

AirNet Comm.

  Telecom, Base Transceiver and Backhaul Free Base Stations

Axnes AS (Norway) 

  Wireless intercom systems

Cayman Systems  


Celestia STS  

  WizardLink Front-End high-speed serial interface

Chelsio Communications

  Ethernet adapters

CPS Europe (Netherlands) 

  Video telephone

Dialogic Corp. (Intel) 

  Voice & Fax Processing for Voicemail, CTI, Fax Servers

Dynamic Details, Inc.


Exicom Technologies Ltd (New Zealand)

  Digital Radio

ioWave, Inc. 

  RF Remote Modem Systems

Music Telecom 

  CTI, Voice & Fax Processing for Voicemail

Network Engines 

  High-Density, Scalable Internet Server Appliances

Navini Networks 

  Wireless Broadband Internet Access

Next Level Communications

NSC, Natural Speech Comm. (Israel)

  Speech Recognition, CTI


  Smart Payphones

RadioFrame Networks

RedBack Networks 

  Telecom, Carrier-Class Broadband Subscriber

RELM Wireless

  2-way Communication Products

SAN Valley Systems

  Fibre Channel Hub, Router

SDRC (Network Systems)

Set Engineering 

Data Communications, Telecom

SONUS Networks

Vanguard Networks Solutions 

VOIP Solution Provider

Vertiv    Infrastructure for data centers, communication networks

W5 Networks



Power Conversion


Telecom Power Back-up

Analog Vision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

Power Supplies

Bias Power Technology, Inc.

Bias Power Supply

IPD (International Power Devices)

DC/DC Power Converters

DRS Universal Power Systems   

KOR Electronics

Linear Power Supplies

Enphase Energy

Micro-inverter for Solar Systems

Multitel (Canada)

Power Monitoring

Plan B Solutions

Switching Power Supplies

Power-One, Inc.

AC/DC Power Supplies


Switching Power Supplies

Princeton Power Systems  100KVA Power Distribution System

Weidmuller, Ltd. (Canada)

Power Supplies

Xtend Micro Products

Power Conversion




ARGUS Security (Italy)  

Checkpoint Systems

(RF) based loss prevention systems

C&K Systems

Security Systems, Peripheral Sensors

Iridian Technologies

Iris Vision Recognition Technology

Johnson Controls (Ireland) 

Fire, HVAC, and Security Equipment


Card Security Access

Synectics Research (UK)

CCTV, digital and networked security products

Tyco Fire & Security

Security Systems



Instrumentation, Control & Avionics

Airbus DS Government Solutions   SATCOM Terminal
Arcom Labs   QAM Snare
Innovative American Technology   IAT Radiation and Nuclear Detector System

Athena Technologies (Aurora Flight)

Flight Control System, UAV


Communications and aviation electronics,Military


Process Instrumentation

ASC Signal

Cherry Electrical 


Masimo Corp.

Noninvasive patient monitoring technologies

Memscap AS ( Norway) 

Sensor Solutions

NT International (Entegris Co.) 

Fluid handling of high purity corrosive chemicals

Perkins Electronics 

Medical Image Processing

Smart Systems Technologies

Home Automation

Spacelabs Medical

Instrumentation, Electrocardiograph

Spectronic Instruments 


Techway (France) 

 Signal and Video Acquisition

Teledyne Technologies

Analytical Instruments

Telemics, Inc. 

Wireless based remote sensing technologies

TVM Signalling

Weed Instrument 

Nuclear Qualified Temperature and Pressure Transmitters

WIKA Alexander Wiegand  (Germany) 

Pressure and temperature instrumentation



SRI International

Videology Imaging Solutions, Inc.(USA)

  Video camera manufacturer serving industrial markets

Videology Imaging Solutions Europe B.V. (Netherlands)   Micro lightweight cameras and board level cameras
Icron Technologies   USB and HD Video Extension Solutions
Galleon Embedded Computing AS (Norway)   Integrated Embedded Computer Platforms

3ware, Inc. 

Disk Controllers

Abbott Point of Care

Altec Lansing Technology

Multimedia, Audio


Power amplifiers for wireless and broadband

Arco Computer Products

IDE RAID Controllers

Arcom (UK) 

Embedded single board computers


Cheetah Technologies  

CMD Technology 

Storage Area Network (SAN) RAID controllers

Cognex Corporation

Vision systems

CPU Tech 

SoC Based High-End Embedded Systems

Critical Link, LLC

Embedded systems

Curtis Wright

Mobile networking, display, computers


Real Time Systems, Substation Modernization Platform (SMP)

Digital Logic 

Embedded Computers

Digital View 

SVGA Interfaces

Emerson Network Power   Infrastructure management solutions

Endwave Corporation  

RF modules

Eurotech Ltd. (UK) 

Embedded single board computers

Exavio, Inc.

Storage Area Network (SAN) Accelerator

Fusion-io   ioScale Controller

Global Payment Technologies 

Paper Currency Validator

Honeywell International  
Innovative American Technology

INTEG Process Group, Inc.

Process controls


KOR Electronics 

Military Defense Electronics

KVH Industries 

Military, Satellite, Navigation

LS Research

Macab AB (Sweden)

Memscap AS (Norway)

Merlin Embedded  

FAA Radar Component

Micro Memory  

Memory Buffers


NCI Technologies (Canada)


Embedded Networking, Industrial Automation

Network Engines


NxtPhase T&D Corporation 

Digital & fiber optic solutions

Qlogic Corp

Disk controllers

Opdicom Pty Ltd (Australia)

Optical Disk Storage

Optosecuirty ( Canada)

Detection X-ray Systems

Parvus Corporation

Ruggedized mobile networking, display, computers

Plantronics, Walker/Ameriphone 

Hear Impaired Telephone

RadioFrame Networks, Inc.

Radio Access over IP

Raven Research Ltd (UK)

Audio Matrix


Rockwell Collins Control Technologies

Communications and aviation electronics

Sarnoff Imaging Systems

Vision Technologies

Satellite Services BV (Netherlands)

SBS Embedded Computers

Single Board Computers


Integrated Circuit Automated Test Equipment 


Single Board Computer, Space Applications 

Sense Technologies 

Radar, Automotive Proximity Warning

Smart Systems Technologies, Inc

Home automation

Summation Research, Inc

Synectics Research Centre (UK)

Synectics Research Centre


Technology Research Corp.

Telsima Corporation (Slovenia)

WiMAX Forum Certified™ and Mobile WiMAX solutions

Texas Memory
Toradex   Embedded computing platforms
Ultra Electronics - NSPI   Nuclear Sensors & Process Instrumentation
Vertex LCD

TFT LCD Displays

Will-Burt Co.

Windriver Systems, Inc.

Freescale i.MX Platforms

Woodhead Canada Ltd. (Molex)

XVD Technology

Digital Media Applications


Storage Systems, Storage & Network Infrastructure

Zytronic Displays Ltd (UK)

Touchscreen Technology


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